Rustic Cedar 5′ American Garden Log Swing & Stand Set

Do you remember the joys of sitting on a swing with your friends? Sharing an ice-cream and a laugh as the cool breeze fanned your face and the sun tickled your skin.. these simple pleasures are what made childhood so magical. Teenagers would have long conversations about their world seated on the swing as the shadows around them lengthened, and it was finally time to go home. Read more

Kingsley-Bate St. George 4′ Swing – The Ultimate All Weather Resistant Swing

Most of us have heard the story of St. George and the dragon, when he slew a dragon about to devour a princess, facing the beast with perseverance. It’s said the story is based on a real life Christian soldier who refused to renounce his faith, and faced all sorts of privations before being put to death for not worshipping pagan gods. Read more

North Cape International Naples Porch Swing – Classy All-Weather Wicker

What do you think about when looking at a new piece of furniture for your home? What are the most important considerations?

a) Comfort
b) Quality / Durability
c) Attractiveness
d) Cost
e) Ease of Maintenance

I’m sure this is what the list would look like for most of us, with perhaps a different order of priority. Today I’ll tell you about a porch swing that gets top marks in all of these departments! Read more

Great American Woodies Cedar 5′ Classic Swing – A Canopied Haven Outdoors

What do you do when you want to relax? Perhaps settle down on the sofa with a good book and a favorite drink.. or just take some time for quiet meditation and relaxation. The extrovert probably has someone coming around for a nice comfy chatter. The pet lover probably wants to spend time cuddling the four legged friend. Who doesn’t love fresh air, green grass, trees nodding in the wind and birds chirping all over the place? Wouldn’t it be great to have a lovely place to curl up and relax outside in your garden, backyard or porch? Read more

Seaside Casual Adirondack Swing – Rustic Charm, Modern Comfort

The Adirondacks: a beautiful mountain range and popular tourist attraction, alluring wild scenery scattered with lots of lakes, where you can enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors to your heart’s content. Now, you can bring a whiff of that delightful peace to your own home, with this swing from Old Adirondack. This exquisite piece is based on the classic Adirondack chair designed at the turn of the century for outdoor use. Read more

New River Savannah Classic 4′ Porch Swing – Your Idyllic Retreat

In the rush and bustle of modern day life, it is sometimes hard to slow down and just take a break. Urban lifestyles are fraught with to do lists, places you have to be, and people you have to deal with. Yet there are many ways to find peace and tranquility despite it all. And here’s a really easy, affordable way to beat the stress and recapture the joy of life: a Savannah 4′ Classic Swing – Your Idyllic Retreat. Read more

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What Type of Porch Swing?

Picture your porch with a comfortable glider swing or an adirondack swing and start enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Whether it's a chair swing, hammock swing or a rustic swing, you will find many great styles and materials including wicker, teak, metal and more to complete the vision you have for your home!

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