All Weather Double Porch Swing Review – Old Fashioned Charm

A true favorite of the south, wicker is a surprisingly strong material that delivers real comfort. In this marketplace full of low maintenance iron and plastic products, there is still a high demand for wicker. And aren’t we glad that the manufacturers listened and are set to deliver incredible wicker furniture like the All Weather Double Porch Swing. Read more

Jack Post Woodlawn Swing Review – Beauty of Bronze

There is something inherently classy about bronze. Maybe it’s the ambiance of a material used throughout history. Or it could be the almost golden tone that bronze displays. Whatever the reason, this Jack Post Woodlawn swing gets even more impressive with a steel frame coated in a bronze finish. Read more

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing Review – Rustic Comfort and Style Wins Again

We love contemporary styling. With low seating that boasts modern chrome framing under boldly colored cushions, contemporary furniture often impresses. But when we come home and want to relax after a hard day it’s perfectly natural to bypass that trendy furniture and head for the seat that holds the key to rustic relaxation. The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log porch swing is just that seat, with old-fashioned styling, materials and design that everyone will love. Read more

Pawleys Island Original Collection DuraCord Hammock Review – Better Than the Classic

Tradition has its place. And fans of hammocks in the back yard usually lean towards traditional rope hammocks for their softness and comfort. Cotton rope has been used for centuries, but the modern technology seen in the Pawleys Island Original Collection hammocks brings a whole new player to the table. Made from DuraCord synthetic rope, these hammocks offer all of the softness you want with the durability you need. Read more

Hatteras Soft Weave Forest Green Woven Hammock Review – Elegantly Comfortable

Cushions are the essence of comfort. But they can also be a pain for outdoor furniture by getting wet, blowing away in the wind and being generally inconvenient. With the Hatteras Soft Weave forest green hammock you can enjoy cushioned coziness without the fuss. We knew this hammock was better than any outdoor cushions on the market as soon as we lay down and felt the softness. There was no going back to the lounge chair. We were sold right away and are confident you will be too. Read more

Hatteras Large DuraCord Rope Hammock Review – Strong Body and Classic Comfort

Hammocks have been around for centuries, providing a quick bed that sways safely off the ground and cradles you comfortably in the folds. It’s the perfect spot for a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the ideal place to catch up on your reading or the ultimate spot to simply day dream. Kids can’t stay out of them and adults can’t wait to get in them – hammocks are ever popular with the whole family. And the Hatteras Large DuraCord rope hammock is one of the best on the market. Read more

Jack Post Jennings Traditional 5 Foot Swing Seat Review – Classic Charm

Sometimes you want something to be elaborate and fancy. Others times the basics are just what you need and simple design and solid function are much appreciated. With the Jack Post Jennings Traditional 5 foot swing seat you’ll get a classic look in a straightforward design. Affordable and basic, this porch swing suits many different patios and yards while appealing to anybody’s wallet. Read more

Southern Wood Cypress 5ft Handmade Porch Swing Review – Amazing Durability and Style

Have you ever wondered how upscale resorts and restaurants choose their outdoor furniture? How often have you sat in an ultra comfortable, durable seat in a public place and wished you could afford something like that? We have and plenty of times. And every once in awhile we come across a piece of furniture that looks fabulous enough for the fanciest yard and is also strong enough for heavy use. The Cypress 5’ handmade porch swing from Southern Wood Products is one of those pieces. Read more

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