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With all the stress and worry in the world today people find themselves looking for better ways to relax and let everything go for awhile. One cannot dispute how good it feels to sit out in the sunshine on a beautiful day. This is why makes a swing such a great investment. You can sit outside and let the sun play across your skin. Why settle for a standard swing when you can have something with a great deal more character?

Outer Banks Hammocks Collection

This is where Outer Banks has found their niche. Rather than just a plain old-fashioned porch swing or garden swing they have given the style a complete facelift bringing it into the here and now. By taking out the standard slats that are used to make the backs and seats and replacing them with soft-spun polyester rope they have created a swing that is infinitely more comfortable and classy than the plain old slat made swing.

More hammock than swing, Outer Banks offers you a product that has been handcrafted by skilled local artisans. These artisans have been trained in the design that the south is known for. This knotless design ensures the maximum amount of comfort by preventing the chances of knotted rope digging into you when you are trying to relax. The design has been in use now for over 100 years and is the pride of these artisans.

Comfort And Style

The polyester that the rope is made of resists both mildew and rot. It is also quite stout and holds up well. Kiln-dried oak is molded and drilled. Then it is hand finished with a gorgeous polyurethane coating and used to make the spreaders for the swings. Even the hardware used is made to last being zinc plated and made for heavy duty use. All of these are inspected meticulously so that the company’s commitment to quality is upheld.

What better way to enjoy your time off than to relax outdoors in your new swing? It doesn’t matter whether you hang it on your porch or on a free standing frame in the yard. It will look great wherever you decide to install it. The only thing you will have to decide is what colors you would like yours to come in. You can choose the color of the headrest, cushion, and even the rope itself.

Once you have made the decision to buy a new porch hammock swing take it one step further and choose an Outer Bank swing. You will have a beautiful, and comfortable, piece of outdoor furniture.

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