Pawleys Island – Original Handcrafted Hammock Since 1889

When someone says the word “hammock”, what is the first image that comes into your head? The vast majority of people will have a nostalgic image of an old fashioned, traditional rope hammock. You know the kind – those that were made of nothing but rope and wood and used to hand between two trees or two posts at the very least. Well, garden furniture has changed a lot but one thing has not. The original is still the best and in this case both of those labels apply to the Pawleys Island Rope Hammock Swing.


Pawleys Island Hammock

This particular hammock swing is amongst the most popular in the world because it is still amongst the best. Incredibly well made of high quality rope, it offers an authentic hammock experience that few of the more modern hammocks offer. Instead of coming with a padded quilted effect, it offers its own brand of comfort so you can enjoy the cool breeze that flows over you while taking full advantage of the warm weather. The experience is second to none with Pawleys Island’s traditional hammock swing.

That is not to say that you do not have options when it comes to investing in such a classic hammock. You most definitely do. You can choose from the exclusive DuraCord, polyester or soft sides rope. There are also fabric hammocks and swings available as well if you do prefer that option. Of course, your choice largely depends on how comfortable and authentic you want your experience to be. No matter which you choose though, the measure of comfort, relaxation and quality available to you from anti anxiety Pawleys Island is immense.

A Unique Blend of Comfort and Style

Pawley Island Hammock

Pawleys Island certainly offers a range of swing, hammock and accessory products that check all the boxes. They are affordable and offer value for money as a result of the fact that they are weatherproof and completely durable. They come with a range of stands and stretchers so you can choose one to suit your needs. However, the long history of Pawleys Island highlights just why the company has a long standing reputation for immense quality.

The very first Pawleys Island hammock was created by Captain Joshua John Ward in 1889. A river boat pilot, Captain Joshua needed somewhere to relax on board, or so the story goes. This is why he invented the first cotton rope hammock to provide him with a little relaxation when he was at sea. He called Pawleys Island, one of the many summer resorts along the South Carolina coast, home and decided that the hammock would be forever associated with his hometown.

Although the first Pawleys Island rope hammock was probably a creation that would probably not resemble those produced today because it was built by one man’s hand and not the highly skilled craftspeople that make it, the quality and value undoubtedly does. The original hammocks of the past and present last for years and so are worth every single penny. With such fantastic products on offer, their popularity will undoubtedly endure for years to come.

Hammock With Stands

Pawleys Island also offer a good selection of hammock stand as well as hammock with stands ranging from different price range.

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