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What can be better than relaxing at home with friends and family as the evenings grow warmer and lighter? Or reading a book in the shade while the world goes by? Or looking out over a beautiful, green patio garden as the bees go about their business to make the most of the peace and quiet? There is no better way to do any of these things when summer comes than making the most of your porch with class porch swings or outdoor patio furniture. Just lazing around for a few moments on one can take away the stresses and strains that have built up throughout the course of the day. The Polywood outdoor furniture collection is just one of the options you have to help you enjoy the summer sun.

Polywood Patio Furniture Collection

Polywood is a reputable and highly esteem manufacturer in the garden furniture industry because it is well known for its comfort and quality. However, the brand is popular the world over because of the materials used to create the attractive and home value enhancing Polywood porch swings and adirondack furniture chairs. In fact, it is the materials that sets the company apart from the rest. All of the classic outdoor furniture offered by the company is made of the unique recycled milk jug lumber, otherwise known as the patented Solid Dimensional HDPE lumber. Not only does it make for beautiful and environmentally furniture but it also ensures that it lasts no matter what the weather has to throw at it.

Beautiful and Enduring Outdoor Furniture

Polywood Premium Furniture & Swing Collection

The full explanation of why Polywood has chosen to make porch swings out of recycled milk jugs is complicated by the huge list of exactly what HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, can do. The milk jugs are converted into the lumbar, which is obviously fantastic for the environment, and the lumbar can then add value to your home by lasting through all weathers, corrosive substances, fungi, insects, fuels and even moisture. This means that Polywood furniture is pretty much impervious to everything and will not crack, rot or splinter. As such, every single penny you pay for your beautiful swing will stretch into the years to come with no maintenance required on your part.

The quality of the HDPE porch swings that Polywood manufactures is incredibly high as a result of all of the information above but they are also still incredibly innovative. Doug Rassi and Mark Phillabaum were the school friends that came up with the idea in 1990, in an Indiana garage of all places. Although they started out with a small idea, it has now morphed into a huge company, leading the outdoor furniture market as a result of the wealth of benefits on offer. The materials perform well, are incredibly fun, offer immense aesthetic appeal and fit into the modern green lifestyle so it offers every homeowner more than most expect from their outdoor swings.

The Polywood benches, adirondack chairs, gliders and porch swings are the bestsellers in the range, which also includes rockers, chairs, tables and stools. Offering value for money and numerous choices of color, every homeowner can find the ideal piece of furniture for them. Click here place an order today and then rest assured that you can enjoy the summer sun year after year.

Overall Recommendation:

  • Rating: 9 out of 10 – Polywood is among the best in the furniture industry
  • Polywood benches, patio swing, adirondack chairs and outdoor furniture are all best sellers in its class



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