Pawleys Island SGN03 Cushioned Single Swing Review – Durable Luxury For One

There’s no doubt about it, porch swings are an excellent addition to your yard and perfect for sharing. But in spaces where a swing just won’t fit there are still options available for solo comfort. The Pawleys Island SGN03 Cushioned Single Swing is well designed for durability and luxury, as well as adding beauty to your deck, patio or backyard. When you’re looking for something comfy and stylish this chair will do the trick. Read more

Pawleys Island Double Polyester Rope Sling Rocker Review – Rock the Afternoon Away

The ideal way to spend your summer afternoons is relaxing at home. When you want to sit, relax and watch the world go by a rocking chair on the front porch or back deck is just what you need. The Pawleys Island Double Polyester Rope Sling Rocker is much more than your average rocking chair though. It delivers superior comfort and impeccable styling for any setting, providing a valuable and beautiful piece of furniture to build your outdoor décor around. Read more

Pawleys Island Gardens Collection Review – Quilted Comfort in a Fabulous Style

The point of a hammock is for relaxation. And the goal of your garden is also to create an atmosphere where relaxing comes easily. So when the Pawleys Island Garden Collection brings together cozy hammock styling that can be quickly hung nearly anywhere in your garden, it would make sense that every homeowner would jump at the chance to have one at their home. Read more

Pawley’s Island Original Collection Large DuraCord Rope Hammock in Antique Brown Review – A New Original

Hammocks have been around for years originating on naval ships, as a way to have comfortable bedding that was easy to store. Later they were used to keep landlubbers off of the ground where pests and other irritations could interrupt their rest. Cotton hammocks haven’t changed much over the years – they were very simple to wash but mostly uncomfortable and short lived. The Pawley’s Island Original Collection Large DuraCord rope hammock in antique brown is something different. It combines the best traits of traditional rope hammocks with a new found comfort and durability. Truly the new original, this hammock is just what you need in your yard. Read more

Pawleys Island Original Collection DuraCord Hammock Review – Better Than the Classic

Tradition has its place. And fans of hammocks in the back yard usually lean towards traditional rope hammocks for their softness and comfort. Cotton rope has been used for centuries, but the modern technology seen in the Pawleys Island Original Collection hammocks brings a whole new player to the table. Made from DuraCord synthetic rope, these hammocks offer all of the softness you want with the durability you need. Read more

Castaway Pawleys Island Air Chair – Essential Outdoor Components All in One!

Have you ever thought of escaping to some tropical island where you can rest and relax on your own without having to worry about the world encroaching? While this may not always be quite possible there are other ways to get away from it all. You can get your own little piece of paradise with just the right accouterments. You can have the level of relaxation that you deserve without having to sacrifice anything to get it. Read more

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