Java Teak Hardwood Patio Swing Review – Made With Care For You

Mass produced products tend to be convenient mainly because they’re readily available and affordable. But there is an undeniable value in a product that is made with meticulous care. It likely to cost a little more and may be a special order, but the quality and durability will show over time that this purchase was worth it. The Java Teak Hardwood patio swing from All Things Cedar is a perfect example. Read more

Barlow Tyrie Felsted Swing – Always Stylish & Durable

How often does low maintenance furniture mean hard plastic or slippery vinyl?  Many homeowners don’t realize there are durable, low maintenance furniture pieces available that will also deliver warmth and character.

Teak is an excellent choice for all year round outdoor furniture and Barlow Tyrie has a stylish collection that is sure to impress.  For a focal point of relaxation, the Felsted 150 cm swing offers exceptional beauty and comfort with almost no maintenance required. Read more

Barlow Tyrie Monaco Swingseat – YOUR Ultimate Outdoor Relaxation

Spending time outdoors is important to your health. This time in the sunshine may look different for the city and suburban dwellers who aren’t surrounded by countryside. They need to have a dedicated space close to home where it’s easy to catch a few minutes of fresh air in their busy day. Your backyard oasis, whether it’s a cozy balcony or a small plot of grass, is the ideal place to capture the health benefits of the outdoors. And with the right furniture and design that time will be perfectly relaxing. Read more

Kingsley-Bate St. George 4′ Swing – The Highest Standard In Design And Quality

Widely recognized as being the only choice for luxury patio furniture, teak wood has a distinct look. Its warm orange glow and silky smooth finish makes this material perfect for seating, tables and even storage units. Teak has a natural resistance to rot and ages well in any climate from coastal regions to the hottest deserts. This style of patio furniture will give your outdoor living space an instant boost of high class while still delivering the charm and character of genuine wood. Read more

Kingsley-Bate St. George 4′ Swing – The Ultimate All Weather Resistant Swing

Most of us have heard the story of St. George and the dragon, when he slew a dragon about to devour a princess, facing the beast with perseverance. It’s said the story is based on a real life Christian soldier who refused to renounce his faith, and faced all sorts of privations before being put to death for not worshipping pagan gods. Read more

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What Type of Porch Swing?

Picture your porch with a comfortable glider swing or an adirondack swing and start enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Whether it's a chair swing, hammock swing or a rustic swing, you will find many great styles and materials including wicker, teak, metal and more to complete the vision you have for your home!

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