Outdoor Patio Cedar Log Garden Swing 4’ Review – Rustic Coziness Anywhere

The sights and sounds of nature are relaxing for many. Being close to the wildlife, with the smells of the forest and clean fresh air filling the senses, it’s easy to unwind and recuperate from everyday life. But you don’t need to rent a cottage in the woods for this scene to be accessible. How about setting up an outdoor oasis in your own backyard, starting with naturally made and naturally comfy furniture like the Outdoor Patio Cedar Log Garden Swing 4’ . It’s easier than you think and will become your favorite place to be in no time. Read more

Cedar 6′ Cedar Settee Glider Review – Southern Charm for Yards All Over the Country

There is something innately charming about the southern lifestyle. Sitting back with a sweet tea and visiting is a regular occurrence down South. As is basking in the heat, admiring the garden and appreciating the simple things in life. With the Cedar 6’ Cedar Settee Glider you can capture that southern style and create an ideal spot to enjoy life, just like those in the south know how to do.

Easily set up in any location – whether it’s on the front porch or on the grass under a willow tree – this comfortable settee is great for romance. It’s also excellent for chats with your best friend and special time with your grandchild. Read more

Best Quality Curved Arm Single Swing Review – Casual Can Be Stylish

Outdoor living spaces can be decorated with the same flair and style that your indoor spaces have. Don’t be afraid to let your tastes show through on the porch or patio – whether that is ultra casual, traditional old world style or hip and sheik. With furniture like the Best Quality Curved Arm Single Swing it’s easy to create the perfect atmosphere in your yard. Read more

Outsunny Cypress Wooden Garden Patio Swing Review – Cozy Couple Time

Many couples will confess that date night is a favorite time. Conversations, laughter and physical affection help to solidify a relationship and date night is the perfect time for those things to happen. But did you know that date night doesn’t need to be out on the town? Get together for some special time with your loved one right in the backyard. The Outsunny Cypress wooden garden patio swing is the ideal location to lounge, laugh and even sip a drink or two together. Find out why this swing could help strengthen your love. Read more

Louisiana Cypress Swing Review – Best Seat In the House

Have you ever noticed that party goers often agree on which is the best seat in the house? It’s like they look for it as soon as they arrive and likely spend the rest of the event fighting over the chance to sit there. In the case of the Louisiana Cypress Swing at least two people will have that honor, since this irresistible swing seat is wide enough and strong enough for two (or even three if they’re willing to get cozy). Read more

Hatteras C1028 Adventurer Porch Swing Review – Cushions Are Good For the Soul

When you get home after a long day, grab a drink and connect with your loved ones, where would you most want to sit down and relax? Somewhere hard and unyielding? Not likely. A rocker or swing that will soothe your frazzled mind? Probably. How about a deeply cushioned swing that holds you just right? Absolutely. The Hatteras C1028 Adventurer porch swing fits all those characteristics and beckons you to relax from the moment you get home. Read more

All Weather Double Porch Swing Review – Old Fashioned Charm

A true favorite of the south, wicker is a surprisingly strong material that delivers real comfort. In this marketplace full of low maintenance iron and plastic products, there is still a high demand for wicker. And aren’t we glad that the manufacturers listened and are set to deliver incredible wicker furniture like the All Weather Double Porch Swing. Read more

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing Review – Rustic Comfort and Style Wins Again

We love contemporary styling. With low seating that boasts modern chrome framing under boldly colored cushions, contemporary furniture often impresses. But when we come home and want to relax after a hard day it’s perfectly natural to bypass that trendy furniture and head for the seat that holds the key to rustic relaxation. The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log porch swing is just that seat, with old-fashioned styling, materials and design that everyone will love. Read more

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