Pawleys Island Double Polyester Rope Sling Rocker Review – Rock the Afternoon Away

The ideal way to spend your summer afternoons is relaxing at home. When you want to sit, relax and watch the world go by a rocking chair on the front porch or back deck is just what you need. The Pawleys Island Double Polyester Rope Sling Rocker is much more than your average rocking chair though. It delivers superior comfort and impeccable styling for any setting, providing a valuable and beautiful piece of furniture to build your outdoor décor around. Read more

Java Teak Hardwood Patio Swing Review – Made With Care For You

Mass produced products tend to be convenient mainly because they’re readily available and affordable. But there is an undeniable value in a product that is made with meticulous care. It likely to cost a little more and may be a special order, but the quality and durability will show over time that this purchase was worth it. The Java Teak Hardwood patio swing from All Things Cedar is a perfect example. Read more

Moon Valley Rustic Tete-a-Tete Swing – YOUR Ideal Brand Personality

Home decor is all about reflecting who you are, about making a home that is uniquely yours.  Furniture and accents in the backyard should do the same thing.  Invest in pieces and decor items that stand out from the crowd, because you (and your home) are one of a kind. Read more

Great American Woodies Nantucket Adirondack Swing

There are a lot of different elements that come together to make quality products.  The design is crucial, as well as the materials and construction techniques.  When you’re choosing furniture for your backyard there are even more considerations.  Will the pieces be able to stand up to the weather?  Is there maintenance required?  And what is the expected lifespan of the furniture?  Choosing comfortable, attractive patio and porch furniture can be challenging at times. Read more

Siesta Quest Swinging Bench – Style And Durability

Simple is beautiful inside your home and out.  By choosing easy and clean designs you can have a relaxing atmosphere perfect for winding down and shedding stress.  This style of patio furniture works well for many different designs of homes, from a Cape Cod to a ranch bungalow and even the most contemporary architecture.  If you find these pieces in low maintenance, durable materials your exterior space can become even more simple and peaceful. Read more

New River Savannah Classic 4′ Porch Swing – Your Idyllic Retreat

In the rush and bustle of modern day life, it is sometimes hard to slow down and just take a break. Urban lifestyles are fraught with to do lists, places you have to be, and people you have to deal with. Yet there are many ways to find peace and tranquility despite it all. And here’s a really easy, affordable way to beat the stress and recapture the joy of life: a Savannah 4′ Classic Swing – Your Idyllic Retreat. Read more

Outdoor Savannah 4′ Porch Swing – Comfort At Your Own Backyard!

Grandmaw’s house will always hold a special place in many people’s hearts. From being a place of comfort and shelter to being a place to get well fed it continues to elicit warm memories. Some of the most poignant of these memories can be the time spent on the front porch in the swing relaxing and listening to the sounds of nature or the city as you sat lazily rocking the day away. Don’t you miss those days and wish you could get them back? Read more

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What Type of Porch Swing?

Picture your porch with a comfortable glider swing or an adirondack swing and start enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Whether it's a chair swing, hammock swing or a rustic swing, you will find many great styles and materials including wicker, teak, metal and more to complete the vision you have for your home!

Avoid 5 Mistakes When Buying Your Porch Swing Online

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