Outdoor Patio Cedar Log Garden Swing 4’ Review – Rustic Coziness Anywhere

The sights and sounds of nature are relaxing for many. Being close to the wildlife, with the smells of the forest and clean fresh air filling the senses, it’s easy to unwind and recuperate from everyday life. But you don’t need to rent a cottage in the woods for this scene to be accessible. How about setting up an outdoor oasis in your own backyard, starting with naturally made and naturally comfy furniture like the Outdoor Patio Cedar Log Garden Swing 4’ . It’s easier than you think and will become your favorite place to be in no time. Read more

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing Review – Rustic Comfort and Style Wins Again

We love contemporary styling. With low seating that boasts modern chrome framing under boldly colored cushions, contemporary furniture often impresses. But when we come home and want to relax after a hard day it’s perfectly natural to bypass that trendy furniture and head for the seat that holds the key to rustic relaxation. The Lakeland Mills Cedar Log porch swing is just that seat, with old-fashioned styling, materials and design that everyone will love. Read more

Uwharrie Nantucket Swing and Arbor Set – Capture the Charm of Nantucket in Your Yard

Nantucket is synonymous with upscale living, a slower pace of life and a deep appreciation for the Atlantic Ocean.  This tiny area, which is a haven for the rich and famous, has a unique style that is often imitated and borrowed from.  Why are we so fascinated with this small, albeit beautiful part of the world?  What is it that residents and visitors experience there that makes Nantucket such a magnet in our busy worlds?  Have a seat on a Nantucket swing by Uwharrie and you’ll know the answers. Read more

Uwharrie Fanback Swing – For Imaginative Outdoor Decorating

Decorating your patio can be an adventure.  Because the area is outdoors, you may be fooled into thinking that there are certain restrictions on what can be done.  Besides choosing furniture and décor that will weather well, you can include almost anything in your outdoor decorating scheme.  Let your imagination run wild. Read more

Uwharrie Original Swing – A True Classic

The word original has many different meanings.  Made first.  Innovative.  Unique.  Imaginative.  These are all properties of something original.  In the consumer world, something that’s original tends to stand above the crowd.  It usually has decent staying power and a loyal customer following too. Read more

Great American Woodies Nantucket Adirondack Swing

There are a lot of different elements that come together to make quality products.  The design is crucial, as well as the materials and construction techniques.  When you’re choosing furniture for your backyard there are even more considerations.  Will the pieces be able to stand up to the weather?  Is there maintenance required?  And what is the expected lifespan of the furniture?  Choosing comfortable, attractive patio and porch furniture can be challenging at times. Read more

Great American Woodies Lifestyle Poly Resin Savannah 4’ Swing

Furnishing your porch or patio can be a fun experience and gives you a chance to express your personal style.  Be sure to include all of the elements in a well functioning interior room and you will enjoy the time in your outdoor space even more. Read more

Seaside Casual Classic Adirondack Swing

Preserving the planet is all about keeping the outdoors healthy and beautiful.  Since we relax in our backyards every day, it seems like the ideal place to practice eco friendly habits.  From garden and lawn care to the furniture and decor items we put in our yard, there are plenty of both classic and innovative ways to be nice to nature. Read more

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