Cedar 6′ Cedar Settee Glider Review – Southern Charm for Yards All Over the Country

There is something innately charming about the southern lifestyle. Sitting back with a sweet tea and visiting is a regular occurrence down South. As is basking in the heat, admiring the garden and appreciating the simple things in life. With the Cedar 6’ Cedar Settee Glider you can capture that southern style and create an ideal spot to enjoy life, just like those in the south know how to do.

Easily set up in any location – whether it’s on the front porch or on the grass under a willow tree – this comfortable settee is great for romance. It’s also excellent for chats with your best friend and special time with your grandchild. Read more

Jack Post Woodlawn Glider Chair Review – Gliders Are a Front Porch Must Have

Tradition runs deep – otherwise it wouldn’t become traditional. And a wooden rocking chair on the front porch (or two or three of them) is a true North American tradition. Available for anyone to sit down, have a rest and watch the world go by, these essential pieces of outdoor furniture were comfortable, durable and always attractive. Now a new player has come on the scene with many advantages over the old favorite – the Jack Post Woodlawn Glider Chair is set to overtake a traditional rocker as the must have chair for your front porch. Read more

Jack Post Country Garden Hi-Back Glider Review – Classic Relaxation in Any Corner

Your yard is your paradise at home. Life will be much less stressful when you create an idyllic setting outside your patio door using a well designed deck or patio, impressive landscaping and the right patio furniture. We love to get outside those back doors – there’s no place like it. For an excellent spot for relaxation in absolutely any corner of your yard the Jack Post Country Garden Hi-Back Glider is just the thing. Read more

Jack Post Woodlawn Glider Chair Review – Compact Comfort

Smaller patios are used with just as much enthusiasm and enjoyment as larger areas are. The problem with compact patio spaces is that most pieces of furniture will not fit. You want to be comfortable and have everything you need close by, but most of the loungers, gliders, swings and benches are too large to fit well. Check out the Jack Post Woodlawn glider chair and you’ll be amazed at the coziness created, even in the tiniest patio spaces. Read more

Jack Post Country Garden Chair Review – For Garden Variety Romance

Couples of any age and in every stage of their romance love sitting out in the garden together. There’s something about the scent of flowers and the stir of the breeze that inspires dreams and flights of fancy. And your garden can be the perfect scene for romance with the two-seater Jack Post Country garden chair, a splendidly beautiful glider that will keep you in tune with your loved one easily. Read more

Moon Valley Rustic Double Glider Swing – Backyard Moment For The Whole Family

Conversation is the glue that binds a family together. And what better place to have great conversation than in your backyard? With the warm breeze all around and the relaxing sunshine there to keep the words flowing, a comfortable spot in your yard is the ideal place to chat. Read more

North Cape International Naples Porch Swing – Classy All-Weather Wicker

What do you think about when looking at a new piece of furniture for your home? What are the most important considerations?

a) Comfort
b) Quality / Durability
c) Attractiveness
d) Cost
e) Ease of Maintenance

I’m sure this is what the list would look like for most of us, with perhaps a different order of priority. Today I’ll tell you about a porch swing that gets top marks in all of these departments! Read more

Atlantic Outdoor Iron Patio Double Glider – The Perfect Outdoor Charm

Have you been looking for the perfect piece of outdoor furniture to add to your patio or porch? Does it need to be able to hold multiple people comfortably? If so then you should take a look at a glider. These pieces can hold two or three people. They also offer a comforting rocking motion while not truly acting like a swing. This can be great when you have small children who could be hurt if they were to swing too far in a porch swing and get dumped out. Read more

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