Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing – The Perfect Fit For Your Backyard Garden

Imagine yourself setting under a stand of trees, swaying in the breeze as you worries and woes just melt away. You look over and see your favorite person in the whole universe is resting comfortably beside you with their hands behind their head. This type of relaxation may seem to be almost unattainable in our urbanized, modernized lives. The fact is that you can very easily have these types of experiences anytime you want. One of the wonderful things is you do not have to go any further than you own lawn, garden, or patio.

The Outer Banks Company has a reputation of quality and comfort. They have distilled these ideas into a two person double hammock swing. This fun and funky item has a body that is hand woven with a knotless design. For added comfort the Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing comes equipped with seat cushions and headrests. The rope that cradles your body is made of 100% soft-spun polyester. The materials used in this swing are so durable that they will last in good or bad weather conditions for many years of relaxing enjoyment.

Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing

Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing

The frame is made of ash wood, a beautiful and strong wood; in fact this swing is rated for a 425 pound load, plus, the set is 42” wide, more than enough strength and room to hold two average sized adults. The chains are pre-attached and the hooks and the eye-screws needed to hang the hammock swing are included and ready to assemble. The cushions are removable and hand-washable to keep them clean and looking good.

Built For Comfort And Beauty

Hammocks have long been an item thought of as a symbol of carefree relaxation. This unique swing is no different; you simply are able to share the experience with another person. It is a set made for lounging and cuddling up with a good book or for cuddling with your sweetie or even your favorite four legged companion. For with the wonderful, easy to clean cushions you can let your pet in this swing and you do not have to worry about their shedding or muddy paws.

There are a lot of options as to what you wish your relaxation space to look like. The cushions come in three different colors so you can choose the one that best suits you.  Which eve color you choose, tan, green, or navy, your swing will look and feel fabulous. The way you set of the space is only confined by your imagination. You could set up your own oasis away from the world with planted palm trees and exotic flowers to give it the feel of a tropical paradise. Another option is potted ferns and ivy to give your swing a middle of the forest feel, it is all up to you.

No matter where you set up your Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing, you will experience relaxation like only a great swing like this can give you.

Take a look at the Outer Banks Double Hammock Swing right now and buy one. You will see just how great just hanging around can be.


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